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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I GOT MY NAPPYLOC TOOL TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea ME! I am now Captain of my hair destiny! I have ALWAYS HATED going to beauty shops. That was one of the first reasons that I had a dear friend (Big ups to you Trina if you are reading this!) SHAVE my head during the Spring of 1999!

I hate waiting for someone else to do something TO me. I hate the WHOLE process. Don't get me wrong, my Sisterlock Consultant (Shout out to Bernita - Choices Salon, Jackson, MS) is the BOMB! I never have to wait for her and her service is great. However, I have been so burned in the past, that that is a fear in the back of my mind.

All of you locticians, cosmetolgists, braidologists (however you label your craft :)) who do your thing and do it professionally, I want to be the first to say WE APPRECIATE YOU! You don't book THREE people at 1! LOL! (I have had this happen plenty of times with plenty of beauty salons. I mean really, THREE folks ain't gone cancel!). Thank you for not eating your lunch, talking on the phone, and working on our heads AT THE SAME TIME! Thank you for not being on CPT with a line going out the door and wrapped around the building! LOL! (Visual imagery - can you see it!)

Yes, a little dramatic, I know, but it gets the point across don't you think?!?!

ANYWHO.....YEAH ME! No more two hour drives to Jack-town unless it is a special occasion or I need me time. I have been looking for a good loctician or Sisterlock consultant or trainee within 30 miles of my home....no luck. I know, I know, I live in the boonies. Bernita has also spoiled me for anyone else in my area I think.

So, I have to become a DIYer for me and my daughter. Hey, maybe I'll start locking folks up....whatcha think? YEA ME!


  1. I say "Yay for you". I think that you should start locking people up for sure. I work from home, but I have a mini salon and website. It is really fun. I only schedule on person at a time. My clients rarely even see each other. I enjoy "hanging" out with my clients (although they pay to do so. LOL) Take a look at my website and see what you think. I had a nappylocs tool, but I think that someone stole it. The bag and everything is gone. Hmmm. Sounds a little suspect. Anyway I ordered the whole biz in a box and it was so worth it. Anyway, post pics of your first DIY. www.justlocscharlotte.com

  2. Thanks. I have quite a few people asking me to lock them up or their children. First, I wanna get the hand of it on my head and my daughters. I'll make sure to post pics!

  3. Cool idea. I was considering that as well. But dont' know how to get the initial clientele. How is your journey going with providing loc services to others?